Groupon Clone Script

E-commerce is a vast interesting subject to learn. E-commerce is really making surprising and fantastic modifications in the business done through internet. Now it has become compulsory for the web related business dealings. Managing a business website with software that manages all the shopping stages of a web store is really cumbersome. But there are special packages that are available today like Magento-E-commerce platform. This package is known to have all the web store requirements at one place in order to double the efficiency of e-business. Similarly Zend framework is a web application package that can provide small and single components that are necessary for building a common element in a web application. By using magento-E-commerce platform and Zend framework "Groupon living social clone script" is developed by the company called Contus support interactive.

Daily Deal Software

This is a novel product of the company which is ready to be sold to the concerned web sites. This script is a common core which can be developed by the web developer if he or she is capable enough to modify its coding. For non-programmers it is always necessary to call upon the programmers from the company who will help you in getting it installed properly. Groupon clone script is meant for providing the facility for carrying out group-buying from the business websites. It has most of the features that can readily host your domain. Apart from the readily available built-in features some features can be customized using which new features of our interest can be added. Groupon clone script is also known to have high security for the transactions made with the package.

The prices allocated for it are in 3 service forms. First one is gold package. This option will provide free after sales installation and support from the company team for 2 months. The updates on the package will be available at free of cost for one year. It costs around 500 US dollars. Design plus is another form of service which includes all the services of gold package and also provides design of a custom home page. This costs around 900 US dollars. The third form is custom plus in which the company professionals are invited modifying the designs and to add any more features by paying them 9 dollars per hour.

Now, coming to the working part of the script, this coding is done in a way to give a best choice to spend your hard earned money. The company will track all the major good business deals regarding the items in the customer's area. This item will then be offered to a group of customers for a reliable price. If the business deal is accepted by a quite a number of customers then your credit card will be charged with the amount. If the customer number does not reach a minimum then your credit card will not be charged at all. Once the deal is done by you and all the group members then each of them will be issued a "Group clone card" through mail. This card and your Photo ID will fetch you the item of your choice.

Groupon Clone Script


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